What is beauty? Is it how we look on the outside or the inside that matters? Do some men see women as equals? For a woman to be successful must she look pretty from the outside? Does sacrificing looks boost a girl’s confidence or make her feel bad about herself? There are some women who are confident with themselves while others would go through so much to look pretty. Others would go to extreme measures such as plastic surgery or other methods just to get the body that they desire. The topic that I want to explore deals with women who want to be successful through beautifying themselves.

   As I was going through the Moving Image Section of Internet achieve I saw a video called “Accomplished Women.” The video centered on women different color who worked in different professions (entertainment, pediatrics specialist, congresswoman, etc.) who talked about their professions and their views of discrimination and sexism. These women didn’t have to change anything about their appearance. They were fully clothed women who didn’t show any cleavage nor change their appearances. They don’t present themselves as sex objects. However the commercials that I saw were a complete opposite. Most of them showed women with less clothing and portrayed themselves as seductive and sensual.

   I might use the “Accomplished Women” video along with those ads to create a remix that challenges and criticizes the idea of being successful through looks. After watching some commercials (including the banned ones from Super Bowl) some women are seen in a sexual nature and I want to use those commercials along with others to create an argument about self-esteem. I think the issue of women’s self-esteem is important because there are women who feel as if they should bow to pressure to changing their physical appearance in order to please a guy or to be successful in a career. Most men have these ideas of how women should look or act. Even in today’s world some men don’t treat women as equals. It’s ironic that women had to fight for equal rights and even though things have changed some men don’t see them as equals.

   The music and the topic may change from time to time to get the message across but I would like to show one woman in a career and show another woman wearing loose clothing. I may use pictures of models just so that I could show some women trying to aim for a model look. There may also be some uses of repetition from time to time as well. I have never done a project like this but hopefully it will allow me to learn how a remix works.