Before entering my Visual Rhetoric class, I have never blogged. My mom told me that I should start blogging because she thought it was a good way of “expressing my feelings” to the public. I was reluctant because I didn’t want to share a part of myself to the online community. However since I made my first blog it seems that posting my thoughts to everybody is not so bad. Then again when we blog we must make sure that we don’t overexpose ourselves so that some stranger doesn’t know anything about us.

            Before blogging, people wrote their thoughts in a journal. They would use that journal to write about the happenings that are going on in their lives such as fighting with parents, gaining/losing love, graduating from school, etc. We would keep these journals to ourselves because we don’t want everybody to read our private thoughts. For example if a girl writes about losing her virginity to her boyfriend, she may want to keep that to herself rather than sharing it with friends or family. However, if that same girl decides to blog about her sexual experience with her boyfriend, the blog might expose her to a lot of trouble because everybody can find out about it. Including a stranger. If people we don’t know read these and other private thoughts, he or she could use that information to harm us which could have serious consequences.

            It’s important that we must think about what we want to post online because if we don’t a lot of people who we don’t know will know things about us that we like to keep to ourselves. For more information go to