In class we talked about how YouTube has become this site where anyone can post just about anything; people, music videos, etc. What’s interesting is the fact that YouTube (like any other web sites) acts as conduit where you can participate in an online community by putting your works on the site for the public to see. However, one must be careful of how he or she must portray themselves online. They must make the right choices when posting themselves online otherwise someone could post something that’s not meant to be seen.

   In my first home blog, “Blog Exposure,” I said that “when we blog we must make sure that we don’t overexpose ourselves so that some stranger doesn’t know anything about us.” Even though I have never posted anything on YouTube before, the same can be said about posting videos online. I’m not saying we should not have fun when posting a video online but we must be responsible for our actions while making a post. For example, someone could post themselves getting drunk or do something so embarrassing (like shooting their guns in the air) that everybody will think that he or she is that person. However if someone wants to post something that’s not embarrassing such as an exercise video then the person would not feel bad about it (if it’s helpful to the viewers that is). Therefore, we must be careful of how we portray ourselves online. Otherwise others will judge us from the video content.  And that would be bad.