A friend of mine met her fiancé on an online dating site. They met face-to-face and have been together since then. When people use an online dating site he or she looks for the person of his or her dreams. That person could be somewhere close by or miles away from where he or she lives. Online dating sites allow people to post a picture of themselves along with their age, hobbies, what they look for in a man or woman, etc. They can also chat on the site as well. However there’s also a downside to online dating.

   Here’s a scenario. A woman meets a man online. They have been chatting with each other for some time. Now they want to meet face-to-face. When the woman meets the guy she may not be impressed by the results. I’m saying this because the guy may be another woman or an elder man therefore deceiving the woman.

   A profile on lies allows the other person to arrive at a destination that he or she may find this person attractive. Hence he or she may unaware of what the other person’s intentions are. A person can manipulate the words and use pictures of another person to create a different identity. With that identity, he or she could do just about anything such as leading someone into a trap which would be bad for the other person. If those “facts” are nothing but lies how would he or she be able to find out if their potential partner is real?

   If someone signs up for a dating web site, he or she must be honest and present themselves as they are. That way others could see their potential mates without any false pretenses.