The cell phone has many features. It can make calls, text, and play games. It also has the ability to take photos. With a cell phone we can take photos of anything and anyone. I took photos of students at Rowan University with my cell phone as they were studying, eating, spending time with their friends, etc. As I was going over the photos it occurred to me that no one stopped me from taking the photos. I took them without being noticed. This method of taking pictures from a distance can symbolize the fact that someone can watch over another person without being noticed. That and the fact that these photos reflect student life at Rowan University.   

   The photos that I took were taken without the consent of the students in uncontrolled environments. As these people were doing various things, I felt like an outsider who’s looking at the world around me. No one stopped me as I took these pictures. No one bothered to stop me because there was no law that prohibited me from taking these photos.

   When you look at the pictures they allow you to arrive at different destinations. A person who never experienced college may look at these pictures and would take an interest in applying to college. If an older person looked at these pictures they would cause one to reflect on his or her college life. The pictures would also cause the older person to think about how much college had changed over the years. A current student may look at these pictures and may or may not like the fact that I took photos of that person without permission. I didn’t put the pictures in a certain order because each picture can tell its own story without being confined into one continuity. For all we know people can be doing more than just one thing in these pictures. One can look at the photos in any order without worrying about which one to start with. Therefore each one is a separate entity.

   The captions that I used for the pictures are straightforward. They have a linguistic anchorage in which people would understand what the pictures are trying to convey. All of the sentences start with “I see…”. The “I” signifies me. The text manipulates the picture because it creates a story which helps explain what is going on. When we look at pictures without words they are left for us to interpret them differently. We make our own interpretations by trying to figure out what the picture is all about. However, if we add text to those pictures we could gain a better sense of what the story was about.   

   Although one can understand the text, it can also be manipulated as well. There is one picture where students are typing on their computers. Now what if the students are doing more than just typing on their computers? They could be looking at the monitor doing nothing or reading a book. This would cause people to have different viewpoints of what is going on in this and any other picture thus leaving us with text that is clear but open to interpretation.

   I just want to show people that they can be placed under a microscope and their actions could be recorded for everyone to see. However if one looks at these photos they can be seen as a reflection of the college life. So who’s watching you?

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