In class, we were pared up in different groups to arrange different pictures in a certain order. Not only that but we had to include captions with them as well. The purpose of this assignment was to learn how captions can interact with pictures.

   In my last class blog, “A Thousand Words,” I mentioned that “text can play a major role when it comes to reading them with pictures.” This assignment was done in preparation for our next project that’s due this week. I did find the arrangement of the photo’s interesting because can you arrange them in any order and add text to them thus making a story out of those pictures. When we look at pictures without words they are left for us to interpret them differently. We make our own interpretations by trying to figure out what the picture is all about.  However, if we add text to those pictures we could gain a better sense of what the story was behind the photo. There is no right or wrong way as to how the captions are made.

   Whenever you see a photo that accompanies a newspaper, magazine, or web site article the words are there to help interpret the image. The text can also range from funny or serious. Either way, by putting words and pictures together, people can add another dimension to a photo that’s “worth a thousand words.”