In class we were in the computer lab watching movie trailers. These weren’t ordinary trailers. They were mash ups of trailers mixed together with different music and sounds. This makes the trailer different because it creates meaning. For class we have to work on a remix that creates meaning and talks about social commentary. For example when we saw a trailer of “Brokeback To The Future” it talked about homosexuality and the issues dealing with it. However, despite the fact that the trailer deals with the relationship between two men there was no sign of them kissing each other or engaging in any sexual acts. However the through the creative use of music, clips, text, etc. it sets up the “movie” as a love story therefore implying the fact that it’s about two men who are in love with each other. The movie is a parody of “Brokeback Mountain” so one would have to watch the movie to understand the trailer. Creating meaning in trailers allowed us to discuss what’s going on so that we can have some insight into what the creators were thinking about. That way it can give us ideas of how to organize our own mash ups.