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(Author’s Note: I haven’t seen the movie yet. Please feel free to make any comments about the movie. No spoilers please.)

  Batman. Superman. For years these two comic book superheroes have appeared in separate movies without any interaction whatsoever. But all of that will change when these two legends will come together for the first time in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” This movie will mark the first meeting between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. And if you’ve seen the previews you know that the heroes will clash with one another. However Batman and Superman will eventually get over their differences and join up with Wonder Woman to take on the villainous Lex Luthor and his monstrous creation, Doomsday. A movie of this magnitude will no doubt set a new standard for movies due to the epic showdown between Superman and Batman. Not only that but “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will be a prelude to next year’s “Justice League” movie. I haven’t seen the movie yet but there are things that I want to see in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

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    Despite the fact that Batman and Superman are superheroes, they see each other as the bad guys. In the aftermath of “Man of Steel,” Bruce Wayne/Batman blames Superman for the death and destruction that occurred in Metropolis while Clark Kent/Superman sees Batman as a man who dishes out justice by brutally beating criminals to a pulp. It’s these differences (along with manipulation from Lex Luthor) that will cause the heroes to come to blows. There is also an inner struggle in the heroes as well. Bruce, who has been fighting crime for years, is questioning if he has done enough to make his home, Gotham City, a safe place. While Clark has doubts of his own as he is struggling to earn the trust of those that he is trying to protect. This conflict (both inside and outside) will be the main focus of the story. However the thing that I want to see is how these heroes will resolve their feud for they have a lot in common (dead parents, protecting the innocent, etc.) The way that Batman and Superman can resolve their conflict is to connect and understand one another. That and the fact that they can bring out the best in each other. I want to see Superman give Batman the hope that he needs to keep fighting and to have faith that what he’s doing will make a difference. And for Batman to let Superman know that even though that not everyone will like him to keep doing what he’s doing so that folks will know that he is on their side. Both heroes must look past their differences and lift each other up so that they can take on real threats far and wide.


   Another thing that I want to see is how Superman and Batman fight each other both mentally and physically. The movie must also show us the power that lies within Wonder Woman as well.

   Although Batman does not have superpowers, he compensates that with his mind and his physical prowess. The Dark Knight  not only uses his keen mind to help him solve crimes (as seen in the comics and the TV shows) but he also uses it to invent special gadgets (i.e. the Batarang and armor) to help him take down his enemies. He even made precautionary measures to take down the Justice League if they go rogue. This is a man who took down White Martians by using fire as their weakness. This is a man who challenged a crazed Azrael (who took over as Batman after Bruce’s back was broken by Bane) to reclaim the bat mantle and won. And this is a man who solved the many riddles of the Riddler. Batman is the one opponent that no one should take lightly.   

   Superman is super strong. “Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive.(You know the rest). The Man of Steel can do almost anything from freezing his foes with his super breath to moving planets with his unearthly super strength. However, Superman isn’t a mental slouch. In one adventure, Superman convinced a gunman to release his hostage without using his superpowers. Superman also created a tsunami and froze it to save a building from crashing to the ground and he used his powers to fool Manchester Black into thinking that he killed his team, the Elite. Superman has the power but he has the brains to back up that power as well.



   Another hero who will join the mix is Wonder Woman. A warrior and a peacemaker, this Amazon princess is one of the strongest women in comic books. Not only was she trained in the art of combat by her fellow Amazon sisters but she has the power of the Gods as well. She used those powers and skills on take Cheetah and Ares, the God of War. Wonder Woman even slayed Medusa without using her sight. Wonder Woman is strong enough to hold her ground without relying on a man but she’s also strong enough to accept help from other people should the need arise.

    On one Facebook post, one person mention that the real winner will be the fans because “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will unite Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman to form the Justice League. And that would be super cool. To the movie; show us a world that’s bigger than the heroes. Show us the heroes and villains that exist far and wide. And show us that you can give the Marvel movies (no offense Marvel) that they are not the only ones who can make blockbuster movies. Also if we see supporting characters interacting with each other like Alfred talking to Lois Lane then that would be gold.



Who Are You?

    Superheroes have been a part of pop culture for many decades. They fight bad guys, save lives, and have made the impossible possible with their superpowers. They have inspired countless movies, television shows, video games, movies, toys, etc. However what happens when we look at these superheroes from a semiotic perspective? If we look at pictures of these superheroes from a semiotic perspective, we can go beyond the image to get a deeper look of who these people are. This essay deals with how we interpret superheroes through semiotic theory.

   When you look at a picture of Superman we immediately see him as a superhero. This leads us to a destination. While it’s true that we see Superman as a superhero, there are other words that define him as well. Not only is Superman a superhero but he is also an alien from another planet. He is also an immigrant as well. Looking at images without words does not give us a clear definition of an image. If we look at an image of Superman without words then we are left with many interpretations. Some may recognize Superman while others may not know who Superman is or what he does. However with the power of words we can have a clear interpretation of who Superman is along with the rest of the superheroes.

   For each of the characters, I used three words. These words are used to help describe the characters. They can also be used to help people arrive at different viewpoints. For example, Batman: Billionaire. Orphan. Hero. I want people to see Batman (along with the other superheroes) from another viewpoint. Batman was an heir to a billion dollar fortune whose parents were killed by a mugger which led him to be an orphan. I used three words because there was no need to go to a long explanation as to who these people are. The words along with the pictures gives us different viewpoints of the characters. It is with these words that help us define these characters. Without these words we would not arrive at these viewpoints.

   Although each word in the caption has a linguistic anchorage they all end with the word “Hero.” I placed the word “Hero” at the end of each caption because all of these characters have one thing in common. They are all heroes. Despite the fact that Superman, Batman, and all the other characters are different people it sends a message that no matter who you are or where you came from, these people have the power to make the world a better place. When we see messages like these, people will realize that these characters are different but will not shy away from fighting the bad guys.

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