In my remix, I created an argument on beauty and empowerment. Through the use of different videos I attempted to create a clash of ideas which deals with the issue of being beautiful from the outside or embracing the woman from within. My remix is a story that deals with a girl’s choice on the issue. Through the use of Super Bowl commercials and old movies from the Internet Achieve, this remix revolves around the conception of beauty.    

   The videos were edited together to create a story about the thoughts (montages) that are going on in the girl’s mind as she looks at the mirror. The girl looks at herself because she represents one of those girls who questions her appearance which acts as the starting point of the remix. We see the same girl in the mirror again and again because this remix deals with this girl and her thoughts. Whenever we see the girl another montage appears. In each montage, we see images of pretty women appear throughout parts of the remix. Each montage shows the women from a sexual point of view. For example we see the girl from lying down on a bed of roses looking seductively at the camera. Such a position is called the “to-be-looked-at-ness” in which women are looked at erotically for characters and audience. (See Laura Mulvey’s essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”). These montages end with a woman jumping out of the window. The woman who jumps out of the window signifies her liberation from the “need to look pretty” trap which leads to old movies of women who are in strong, active non sexual roles. One example shows a video of pilot Amelia Earhart taking off on her next flight. These montages signify a message of conflict in which the girl is deciding if she should change her appearance or to accept herself for who she is and doing something better than herself. We see this again and again throughout the remix to reinforce the conflict.

    No alterations in pictures and sounds have been made because I felt that it was not necessary to make them. The pictures alone would tell the story so that the audience can make their own interpretations as to what is going on. Although some text is seen in parts of the video it’s the pictures that tell the story. I want people to arrive at the destination that the video deals with the choice of changing your outer appearance or embracing yourself from the inside. Although some people may have different destinations I hope they understand the message behind the video.

    The overall message in this video is a discussion on true beauty as well as attacking stereotypes of beauty. In our society, females are pressured by what they see, read, or hear to have that perfect body. From plastic surgery to Botox, the pressure to look beautiful can distort a woman’s thinking by focusing on their outer appearance rather than thinking about how they feel from the inside. It’s an issue that some women deal with. Some women would go to great lengths just to look beautiful from the outside while others don’t care about their looks. They just accept themselves for who they are. I hope this video opens new ideas about what defines beauty.