The word gay has a lot of meanings. It can mean happy or being homosexual. According to gay is “often used to describe something stupid or unfortunate.” Although the word gay has different meanings we have to watch how we use that word because some people may interpret it differently.

     Let’s say that I’m out with my friends. We’re talking about something that happened a while ago. One of us says “That’s so gay.” Now all of a sudden a person is walking past us. He or she may be offended by that comment. The person regardless if he or she is homosexual or not may lecture us about the comment while we’re defending it. From one point of view the intention of the word “gay” was used to describe something that was dumb. But from another point of view the person who heard us received it as an insult to homosexuals. Something like this can lead to a different destination in which some people can interpret things differently leading to different massages no matter the intention. It all depends on how you see or hear things. But with respect to homosexuals what if people want to use it without offending anybody?  

    I think a subject like this is debatable because the word gay has different meanings. Depending on how the word is used it can arrive at different destinations. Let’s just make sure that we use the word gay properly. What do you think?