A while ago while watching the season finale of “Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp,” one of the people told the celebrities to “Stay in the Fight” in regards to staying healthy and fit. Those words made me write a few sentences for inspiration. They include “Don’t Hold Back!,” “Unleash Your Power!,” and of course “Stay In The Fight!” I wrote those sentences because I needed something which will not only help me get through the day but to give myself positive messages as well.

   Words have the power to hurt or empower someone. If we use words to hurt someone then we are sending the message that lowers his/her self-esteem. However if we see or hear words that encourage people, it sends the message that it’s never to late or to never give up on yourself or others. Inspiration is important in society because it helps one overcome many obstacles so that he or she can accomplish a goal. It also sends a message that we can always make improvements in our lives so that we can learn from our mistakes and move to a brighter future. We would not be able to make any progress if we didn’t have any inspiration. I’m just glad that our world hasn’t run out of inspiration.