I have never done a remix before nor have I ever worked with my Windows Movie Maker. When we were assigned to work on our remixes, I was nervous because I have never done anything like this before. However it gave me the chance to work with something that I have never done before: putting different videos together to create a message. This project like the others that we have done in the past would not be easy.

   Working on this project was a challenge. It takes time and energy to find the videos that you want to use for your project. My project focused on the choice of being beautiful from the outside versus empowerment/doing something bigger than yourself. While looking through the Internet Achieve, I had a hard time finding old videos that showed women in a positive light. I was able to find one movie called The Price of Liberty. In it, the movie showed women joining the Army and contributing their parts to help win wars. That along with other videos from the achieve were helpful because I wanted show clips of women in strong active roles as opposed to them being seen as sex objects.

   Working with video is like working with text except that it’s not alphabetical. With text you can think of the words that you want to convey so that the audience can see it. However when it comes to remix the audience can’t see the words. When you work with video you have to look for certain pictures to tell a story. The pictures provide the visual text which allows the person to think about what is going on therefore coming up with their own interpretations. However when it comes to making a statement with different videos they must be done in a creative way so that the message that you want to create goes through. If the videos are used improperly then it would be hard for the audience to understand the message. Therefore the meaning would be lost.

    This remix project gave me the chance to work with something that was completely different. I still have a lot to learn about creating a remix but if I were asked to do it again I would say yes.