In 1993, children’s television was changed when a group of multi-colored superheroes, the Power Rangers, took the airwaves by storm. In every episode, the rangers would fight monsters with their martial arts moves and robotic “Zords.” Kids fell in love with the Power Rangers. They would imitate the martial arts moves on the playground and pretend that thethey are rangers. However some parents believe that the show is too violent for kids. Granted the Rangers fight monsters but it’s more than that.

   “Power Rangers” teaches different lessons that empower kids. Parents who think that the show is about violence need to go beyond the fighting and get to where the show is aiming at. Lessons such as confidence, determination, and courage are portrayed on the show. In one episode, one ranger had to face her fear of heights so that she can save her teammate from a bad guy. Another episode showed the rangers using their smarts to fight a monster that can eat anything. Also when the rangers fight they do it out of self-defense. It’s those messages that bring meaning to the show. Granted it’s a kid’s show but without those messages the show wouldn’t be the show.     

   If a parent watches “Power Rangers” with his or her kid, they can share what was discussed on the show. The kids would learn something valuable and the parents would not make any complaints about the show. Therefore, by going beyond the violence of Power Rangers and teaching the kids the show’s value, parents won’t have to worry about the kicks and punches. For more information go to,, and