In class we talked about the issue of how stereotypes affect our views of people and cultures. For example when some people see a black man they may think of him as an ignorant man or a criminal. Or if some people see a Middle Eastern person they may think that he or she is a terrorist. Why is it that we allow ourselves to classify people by what we see or hear? Why can’t we see these people as people? They are human beings are they not?

    I think the problem is that most people don’t go beyond the stereotypes. They allow themselves to see people of other colors as this or that without getting to know the person and what he or she does for a living. If a white man meets a black man they may think of each other as anything that’s in the book of stereotypes. The white man may think that the black man is going to steal something while the black man may think that the white person is rich. However both men may like to get to know each other such as what they like/dislike, their hobbies, and other stuff that matters.

   From my point of view anybody can be a terrorist, a scientist, a sports player, etc. These stereotypes allow us to be distracted from the fact that everybody is human. We have a responsibility to attack these stereotypes to prove that certain peoples are not terrorists, or geniuses, or whatever. If we go beyond the stereotypes and see people for who they are then we can get to know the real person. By getting to know that person we can see to it that we don’t allow stereotypes to dictate our way of thinking.