In class we were talking about comic books. During our discussion one person mentioned that some people have this assumption that comic books are just for kids. Although comic books were originally made for kids, they also attracted an older audience which led creators to make complex stories along with complex characters. In fact some comics are so violent that only adults can read them. If some adults think that reading comic books are for children then they have fallen victim to this stereotype.

    A while ago I read a graphic novel series called “Lone Wolf and Cub.” It follows a former executioner and his young son as they travel the land seeking vengeance against those who have wronged them. The books contain blood, sex, and plenty of violence. You would not see this stuff in a comic book that’s written for kids. If a child read this book he or she would probably turn away from its graphic nature. If an adult read this book he or she would probably enjoy it for its action and story. While I was at a comic book store, I saw a man buying a couple of “Lone Wolf and Cub” books. I didn’t know how old he was but he was old enough to read the books. Therefore adults who read “Lone Wolf and Cub” along with any other comics are making a statement that it’s ok to read comics and that there’s no shame in reading them.

     For those adults who think that comics are just for kids they don’t know what they’re missing. Comics, like movies and Cable TV, can deal with stories that are for a mature audience. When a stereotype like this comes to mind it blocks the truth that comics are for everyone-kids, teens, and adults. If adults take the time to read books like “Lone Wolf and Cub,” “Watchmen,” or other books then they’ll learn to appreciate the medium without any negative feelings towards comic books.